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Movie: Kayla

  • Director: Nicholas Kendall
  • Stars: Brian Dooley, Bronwen Booth, Carl Marotte, Daniela Akerblom, David Deveau, David McKeown, David Rigby, Henry Czerny, Meredith Henderson, Ricky Mabe, Tod Fennell, Vlasta Vrana
  • Release Date: February 25, 1999
  • Run Time: 96 mins
  • Genre: Drama, Family

Sam, the 12 year old son of a famous missing polar explorer, has despaired. His mother has married again and moved with him and her new husband to the wasteland of Canada. He doesn’t like him, the place, and has problems finding new friends. One day he meets a wild dog which one looks like the leader of his father’s sled dogs. With him and the two family dogs he plans to compete in this year’s sled dog race. He is getting closer to the neighbour’s daughter who is able to build the sled. But her father wants to kill all wild dogs…

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