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Movie: Scream 2

  • Director: Wes Craven
  • Stars: Adam Shankman, Anne Fletcher, Christopher Doyle, Courteney Cox, Craig Shoemaker, David Arquette, David Warner, Duane Martin, Elise Neal, Erik Hyler, Gwenne Hudson, Heather Graham, Jack Baun, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jamie Kennedy, Jason Trost, Jennifer Weston, Jerry O’Connell, John Embry, John Patrick, Joshua Jackson, Kris Andersson, Laurie Metcalf, Laurie Sposit, Lewis Arquette, Liev Schreiber, Lucy Lin, Luke Wilson, Marisol Nichols, Mark Oliver, Matthew Lillard, Nancy O’Dell, Neve Campbell, Omar Epps, Philip Pavel, Portia de Rossi, Rebecca Gayheart, Rebecca McFarland, Rodney L James, Roger Jackson, Sarah Christine Smith, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sebastian La Cause, Selma Blair, Timothy Olyphant, Tori Spelling, Walter Franks, Wes Craven
  • Release Date: December 10, 1997
  • Run Time: 120 mins
  • Genre: Thriller, Horror, Mystery

It has been two years since the tragic events at Woodsboro. Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks are trying to get on with their lives…

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